We provide a variety of different types and sizes of containers for the collection of your material.
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Container large

Weight: 2,550 kg
Width: 245 cm
Length: 640 cm
Height: 250 cm

Load capacity: 15 000 kg
Volume: 31.0 m3

Container low

Weight: 1,713 kg
Width: 245 cm
Length: 555 cm
Height: 165 cm

Load capacity: 15 000 kg
Volume: 15.0 m3

Settling trough

Weight: 716 kg
Width: 180 cm
Length: 380 cm
Height: 180 cm

Load capacity: 15 000 kg
Volume: 7.0 m3

Stacking box large

Weight: 260 kg
Width: 120 cm
Length: 160 cm
Height: 120 cm

Load capacity: 2 000 kg
Volume: 2.0 m3

Mesh box

Weight: 75 kg
Width: 123 cm
Length: 83 cm
Height: 97 cm

Load capacity: 1 500 kg
Volume: 0.75 m3

Small stacking box

Weight: 60 kg
Width: 80 cm
Length: 120 cm
Height: 60 cm

Load capacity: 750 kg
Volume: 0.5 m3

Our Fleet

We operate an own truck fleet to ensure timely pickup and transport of your scrap metals.

Scrap iron is loaded by our material handling machines into rail-waggons on a side track of the railway-station Hetzendorf in Vienna. All scrap leaving our yard is checked for radiation through an on-track radiation measuring system provided by Austrian Seibersdorf Labors before dispatch.

Our operating facility

We operate two scrap shears and three scrap presses, as wellas one mobile scrapshear to be able to process all materials.

The scrap is recycled according to international industrial standards.

A radiation measuring system is located around the weighbridge with a capacity of 50 tons at the entrance, a camera overseeing the loaded cargo ensures visual inspection and documentation of the scrap accepted.

For smaller quantities we offer a scale with a capacity of up to 500kg.