Recycling of iron and metal scrap has a long tradition in our family – we are in this business already for the third generation! 
During this long period, the experience has been constantly growing.

We have established and nourished various business contacts to steel mills and foundries in Austria and neighbouring countries in the EU. Schimpersky GmbH has been based in 1120 Vienna since 1976.

Our company is a well connected and experienced partner for all matters in the metals recycling industry. 

We collect, process and redistribute all kinds of iron and metal scrap in a professional manner compliant with all regulations. 

We assist and help our customers in all challenges of waste management. 

Containers for waste collection can be provided in various dimensions and sizes – our own truck fleet ensures reliable collection of your scrap.

High customer satisfaction is our first priority – conforming to this principal we pursue our business activities in accordance with the standards of ISO 9001:2015!

Our Philosophy

What we stand for:

We are an intermediary in the recycling process. Our aim is to guarantee the efficient recuperation of metal wastes into the industrial production process.

Our employees:

Our employees are essential for the achievement of our company goals and are always alert to customer needs and requirements.
Schooling and trainings on a regular basis help them to deepen their know-how and develop new skills to adapt quickly to the constant changes in the company´s environment.

Our Customers:

We offer tailor-made waste management solutions to our customers. Together we are developing effective ways to deal with all challenges arising during waste collection and related logistic planning. Thanks to our specialized machine park, we are capable to process and sort metals in order to produce material in conformity to international standards for delivery to steel mills and foundries.
Our own truck fleet guarantees proper and punctual collection as well as fast delivery. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We aim to assure our high quality by constantly improving our processes.


Today’s consumer-oriented society demands efficient recycling. Landfills of inhomogeneous waste can grow only in a limited manner while natural resources are mined through processes with severe impact on the environment. For some rare metals the end of exploitation is already in sight.
Therefore, it is essential to act with ecological hindsight and to promote recycling with ever greater focus.

What we want to achieve:

The focus of our business is the collection of metal wastes. According to scientific findings products made of metal are preferable to other materials as plastic concerning the impact on the human body. Steel scrap can be recycled endlessly. For this reason, we take our business very seriously and our mission to preserve the environment.